I think your Dyslexic but its guna cost ya to find out!!

Apolligies for the slang but I thought I would make this blog abit gangster!! Iv got abit of a bee in my bonnet at the moment because I don’t understand why someone who might be dyslexic has to pay around £500 for the privlege to find out. That’s crazy right..? That’s kind of like me saying “I think you need your apendix out but its going to cost you to find out!” Because if you don’t sort that problem then its going to cause you massive issues when it explodes inside you. This is the same in the dyslexia scenario because if a person doesn’t pay the money and they are dyslexic then the issues will come to a head just like the apendix.

So I have done the test twice, once at university and once at work. So the university one I had to pay for so that I could get extra time in exams and allowences made for spelling and gramma. But that privledge cost me £500. Is that fair that some one in full time education has to pay for the right to say that they have a disability?

I don’t think you need to be an expert to identifie if people have strong traits of dyslexia so why is it that you have to pay for this but if I was getting assessed for other disabilities I would not have to pay.

Luckery in my job my employer will pay for peope to do a full dyslexia test if they shown medium or high signs of dyslexia on an online screening test called DORE. But how may organisations are out there that don’t offer such opertunities. Staff and employees that are doing jobs that could be made easyer for them if they had the test and reasonable ajustments made.


I feel it is about time that we should not disadvantage people because of cost. If it is clear that a person has dyslexic traits and atributes then why on earth are we charging them to get the help they need.


I think its about time that the government stepped up to the mark and set up scheems to put the owness on employers and them to help cover the cost. It should not be down to the individual to try and fund this by them self’s.


If your reading this and you think that you may be dyslexic then surely it is your right to find out. But im 100% sure that if you have to pay £500 to find out then the likelyhood is that you wont pay that and just try to soldier on regardless of the issues you encounter every day.


I coud rant all day on this but have to shoot off too work but please please let me know what you think on my twitter as its good to know im not the only one thinking this @samthedyslexic


Anyway short but sweet