Dyslexia – We just said that Sam!!!!!!!!

Haha as the title suggests I seem to have an issue with memory and processing information. It is always getting me in trubble because my brain seems to select information it wants to hear in a conversation and then completely disregard other parts with out me even knowing. When I was younger I always used to ask questions or bring up a converation that had just been talked about a second ago.
I only really noticed this when I was 15 and joined a local Rowing club where I meet my best friend Craig and most of my friend group. They ended up nicknaming me “built”. As in thinks as fast as a built!! the sarcastic gits!! And then it stuck for over 15 years!!

When it comes to my work and the roles I have to partisipate in briefings with a number of difrent people. I often sit there really intrested and trying to take in all the information. I feel that I have understood all of it and then feel that I have a good question to ask which I do, and then everyone turns to me and say “were you not even listling!!!” Then I am thinking “yeah” I was and how did I miss that part. So now at the end I never want to ask questions just incase it has already been mentioned. However the other day I did this and someone elce asked a question that I was thinking and it had not already been mentioned!!!!
How am I going to get around this one. Obvously progresion at work is all about bettering your self. But this memory thing seems to be a real issue although does make me giggle because I just don’t understand why it happens!!!

So as per my last blog, I really want to start writing my own book. Its actually quite hard in the sence of where to start. My idea is based on a young lad growing up in school suffering with dyslexia who experiences some real lows but realises that dyslexia can also give you some good highs! We shall see how it goes. Any book writes out there that can offer any advice I would be very greatfull.

Anyway just a quick one today

All best

Sam the Dyslexic

The only way is Dyslexia!!!

So another year has past for me, 31 this week!!! I was lucky enouth to be taken by my girlfriend to Paris for a long weekend. A good opertunity to be a kid again and head to disney land, see the wonders of the city and of course try out the GCSE E that I got in French!! It always anoys me looking back on my life that I was held back at a subject that I really enjoyed by my old school.
Like a lot of my lessions, I was placed in the lower groups because my learning level was the same as most of the “naughty kids”. In french I remember sitting in class in my first lession of the year looking at every one who was there. I would say 70% of the students did not want to be there or were not at all intrested in the subject. The first time the teach came in, he was abused from the start. One day a chair was thrown at him and I remember that must of tipped him over the edge as we did not see him again and had to be covered by suply or other teachers. I remember going the teacher of the next class up and begging her to consider me in joining her class but my request was brushed aside and I count myself lucky to have just gotten an E grade! So last year I had a go at a few basic lessions which went well. My girlfriend lived in france and is fluent. Haha I asked if she wanted to teach me but she said she didn’t have the payshents!!

So I thought I would give it ago on our trip. So after a few gin fizzes I atempted to read a bar menu. Well I tried prounounceing the French word meaning “duck” to which my girlfriend almost spat her drink out and lauthed. Aparently I pronounsed it in a way that meant a very rude rude word which got the attention of a few locals!!!

The hardest thing about learning French is trying to put a link between the two words and remembering that link. Anyone who knows me knows that my working memories is terrible. I think it is because I cannot picture things in my head. For example, if I looked at a car number plate and then shut my eyes I cannot picture that sequence of letters and numbers in my head. I cannot imagin or see it. Why is that??? If anyone is reading this that knows why this is please tell me.

I have set myself a chalendge of writing a book. Well maybe a short story. I don’t know why but I know if I said to my friends that I was doing this they would lauth as they know my spelling is terrible. How do I start and can a dyslexic person actualy do this?!?!?

I feel that sometimes my life is like a TV show. Something always happens and either get me in trubble or embarus myself. I actualy think my dyslexia has shaped my personality and has pushed my confidence to adleast try and do certain things like write a blog or accidently swear at french locals whilst trying to order duck off the menu!!! It makes me belive that dyslexia is actualy a life quality rather than a life hinderance.

I have chucked a few questions out in this one, so if anyone knows the answers please please let me know on twitter @samthedyslexic

Thanks guys for reading