Where is Your Dyslexic Happy Place???

This is Mine, where is yours and why is it a good idea to have one.????

I find that Dyslexia can emotionaly throw you from a real happy place to a real dark sad rubish area in a drop of a hat. Whether it is from bullying at work, stress of exams or even just being frustrated with everything.

The important thing to remember is that this also works the other way!

So I was at work on my first day of a new job, happy keen and excited!!! One of my first jobs was to take a report from a lady in the local community. I got my pen out and wrote down every thing she said. I then gave her back the report to read (not knowing she was an ex head school teacher) and she actualy got her red pen out and spell checked it.

Its funny now looking back on it being in an official position, taking important documents and someone completely undermimes you confidence and gives you an un expected English litracy lession. Luckerly 2nd time round she marked me as a C!!!!!!


Exams!!! I hate Exams!! Tests, Mocks, assesments. I hate them because it seems that the majority of tests I have done over the years are not designed to test you knolege but to simply catch you out. Double negitive questions, what are they all about. Which is not the answer in this situation. Why confuse me and ask me which is the right answer for this senario!!!


Ok I have clearly got myself on a bit of a rant to will bring it back to the point of the blog 😊


Happy Places!


Over the years I have found that if I am having a bad day and I am really down then I will head off to a place that brings me back, resets me and alows me to focus back on all the joys or nightmears life likes to throw at you as a dyslexic cluster (me).

I have a number of little escapes but this is my favorit.

About 8 years ago I found an old washed up windsurf board on the beach. It was old, dirty and even was covered in sea barnicals (sounds apleaing wouldn’t you agree).

However I managed to find the old owner who said he was going to throw it away. So I rescued it and gave it a clean up. This then became my happy place.

Everytime I would get stressed, angry or genraly pee’d off, I would get my recysled kyack and paddle out about 100m from the shore and just chill. The movment of the waves, the feel of the water and the cool air just made it amazing. And I had time on my own to work it all out, put the world to right and then head home with a clear head.


This isnt going to work with every one but everyone has something that lifts them, something that gets you away from all those worries (even if it is just for 5mins).

Being dyslexic is stressfull at times and simply its hard. When one barrier is overcome 10 more apear. We can never stop that but to climbe over or smash them down we need time to think. And that is where my happy place helps.

Some of my other happy places

Rowing – exerting energy helps although I am over 30 now so no longer a spring chicken.

Eating – Although I found the scales went as happy as they were before

Traverling – amzing way of unwinding. I took 8 weeks of work and traveled around india and australia. Best thing I have ever done.

Anyway in conclusion is you have made it this far. It is masivley important to try and remove and address some of the stresses and frustrations that dyslexia can bring. The best place to do that is away from those stresses trying to tackle them but in a place that puts you back in control.

I am no sciantific expert or renound reasurcher. I am simply dyslexic and this works for me.

Hope this helps



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