Sam’s Book

Hi guys. Hope you are all well!! I am writing this following a night shift so I am sure my dyslexia will shine greatly with regards to my spelling and I will mostlikley spell something rediculas and completely inappropriate. On my bucket list which I created to try and prove to myself that just because I’m dyslexic doesn’t mean that nothing is impossible, I wanted to write my own book or short story. Below is my story overview and would love some comments. Please please let me know what you think even if you think it is rubish 🙂 After years of having to wear purple glasses, eye patches and being a complete cluster when it comes to anything acedemic im sure the feedback positive or negitive will me much apreshiated. Although negitive may make me cry and you will have my mother to contend with!!!

Story name -Beyond limitations

From the dark days of school where his dyslexia stuck to him like a shadow that could not be ripped from his feet. A shadow that cast an emotional lows to a deep darkness that created a longing to find an identity and a freedom from the drowning sensation that keeps him gasping for air. John PIPPER, an 18 year old dyslexic boy from a Kent Coastal Village in England finds himself looking for a way to fill the void in his heart and soul that has been empty for so long. Following leaving school an opportunity presents its self when johns grandmother shows him an article which seeks volunteer’s to help sail a huge tall ship called beyond limitations through the depths of the Indian ocean. The ship is looking for a crew of mixed disabilities to spend a month at sea to as an experiment of pushing the boundaries of disability. A voyage that takes John to an unbelievable paradise of turquoise blue seas and lush green tropical islands that he never could have dreamed existed. John finds himself testing his barriers and weaknesses when the boat is hit by a huge tropical storm that causes the ship to clash with a cluster of rocks of an uncharted island. Most make it ashore where the group are thrown into the realm of living on what appears to be a deserted island with no help and no supply’s. It soon becomes apparent that they are not alone and what appears to be a paradise island has a deep dark blooded secret that will test the group beyond the limits of what they thought could be capable. A group that will either rise above there disability of be killed trying. A dark ancient tribe lurks waiting for the opportune moment to honour their cursed gods in blood and sacrifice.

The end!

If anyone or suport groups has experiences in the categories bellow then I would be grateful for the knowledge to transfer to some of the characters in the book.
Dyslexia (not everyone has had same experiences as me)



Disabled of all kinds

Mental health
Or any disabllity at all that I can express in my story

Please please message me on twitter.

Or if anyone knows how to write a book as I do lack the skills in that too!!!!