The Hidden Dyslexic in a Board Game!?!

Hi all, hope you had a great christmas and new year! Im sure a few of you are wondering what im meaning by the title of my blog regarding dyslexia and board games….??

Well randomly christmas is always a time for sitting down with the family and playing a good board game unless it is monopaly because that just rips familys apart!!! But this year we played a few and strangly they are a really good tool for showing traits of dyslexia.

Just after christmas we an open house with lots of friends and family and played abit of a rude card game. I wont mention the name as people may judje me, however in the game you have a the bagining part of a sentance put on the table. All the players have to use one of there seven cards to finish the sentence and the best ending wins.

I hate games like this because you have to read out loud. It simply just reminds me of the dark days of school in the English classroom where i would either read the same line twice or read the word wrong and say something rude or completely wrong!!!!

However I soon realised that i was not the only one who was having truble reading out loud. In fact a few of the group were having issues in not just reading but processing the information in which they needed to get out.

I think board games should have a sign on saying “warning you may be a dyslexic after you play this!”

I guess they test all the cognitive functions of the mind so it would draw out dyslexic tendencys. Sneakerly it made me feel ten times better because I wasnt the only one back in that english class that day!!

People who read this (hopefully other than my mum) may remember that I was writing a book. Its still geting there but blimey its hard work!!!! Im glad im doing this for fun and not on a deadline for a job!

Anyway on the subject of books I think people should check this person out. Beth Montgomery has writen a book about like at school with dyslexia. I havent read it yet but im looking forward to! check her out @BeesWhiskers

Anyway only a quick on as have more studying to do!!!!!!!!! I am now learning nortical navigation!! How lost am I going to get