Getting Engaged Dyslexic style


Hey People, Sorry I havent blogged in a while, been so busy smashing up my house and trying to rebuld it, revising for an exam (hate exams!!), christmas and ended up getting engaged  so its been a busy few months.

I want to let you know how stressfull it is being dyslexic and trying to plan the perfect time / place to ask you girlfriend to marry you.

I thought it was just a case of getting down on one knee and putting a ring on her finger (left one aprently) and if she says yes all good and if she said no then that could be a huge misjugment and very embarising.

So it all started a few months before christmas when I realised that lauren (my girlfriend) was defantly a keeper. Well no actually I knew that a long time ago but I relised that I wanted to spend my life with her as we have so much fun and it feels so right.


So decided that the big question was defantly on the card. First thing that I thought I needed to sort was when to do it. This was are second christmas together to thought it would be a nice idea to do it around then.

Next location….. hmmm one of my friends did it  on the sofa at home whilst watching TV and another did it at the pub in Devon following his partner mentioning it. Now Lauren is laid back but Im not sure the sofa or the pub would cut the mustered on this one!


Lon story short I got it in my head that Ice skatting on Christmas eve in london would be a good idea at summerset house with the huge tree, lights and amazing setting. First problem – I CAN NOT SKATE!!!!!! I looked it up and aparently you can get huge plastic penguins to push to help you stand up.

Next problem – booking tickets and trying to get it off work. Very stressfull and to top it off the train drivers were all going on strike! I thought at this point that the plan was all over!!! So before even booking it off work and checking the strike days – I just booked it off!!


Luckerly The train drivers took note of my quick email to there unions saying “Dear sir, please don’t strike christmas day, I am planning on asking my girlfriend to marry me and if she says no and you cancil my train then I would have had a really bad day!!!”


So I booked every thing and got it off work. Next step the ring!!!! Where do you start. The most I know about rings are they are round. So many types!!!! And how much do you spend. The internet said three times your wages!!!!! Really???? I think google was having a lath so divided it by 2.

Luckerly a guy from work’s sister worked at a jury shop and she really helped. The only propble was ring size. HOW THE HELL DO YOU FIND THAT OUT. My friend gave me a ring sizer which I was going to try and do it in laurens sleep. I was all ready to do it but chickend out just before.

Luckerly Lauren had another family ring that she needed sizing so I went along and listended to the result. On going back to see the jury laady she said that if the ring was sized on the opersite finger to the ring finder it would be one size smaller if that was her dominant hand. I just agreed and went with that.


Anyway Im ramberling abit so straight to the day. D-DAY. Cought the train with no issues had a lovley day in the big smoke (london) and finaly got to the skate rink. WOW looked amazing, huge tree and sumerset house was lit up amazingly.

Go one the ice after putting my size 12 skates on and did a final check to see if the ring was still in my pocket. Ha that  would have been something I would of done, forget the ring!!! But no it was there so it was go go go.

At that point I just remembered I cant Skate!!!! And there was no penguine to help!!!! So I resorted to the ICE shuffel. Its that way when you move you feet about 10 cm a time so your feet are moving quickly back and fourth but your not actualy moving.

After three laps I thought , right now or never. I shuffeled over to one of the people in high viz who were picking people like me off from off the floor and said “I need your help Im going to ask my GF to marry me can you take photos” I told lauren that we were having a pic by the tree and turned to get the ring out. Could I get it out of my top pocket!!! No!! Finaly I pulled it out held it in my and and the genraly slipped and fell on my knee. Bloody hurt. How ever she came to help me up and I opened the box and asked her.



Litraly every one on the ice ring (200+) stopped and cheered!! One guy was going so fast that when he saw what was going on he crashed into someone that was clapping!!!

AND….. I got a yes!!!!

Probably the most stress ful thing I have ever done but one of the most rewarding and I am very lucky.

You maybe asking yor self, what does this have with dyslexia. Well it took a lot of my weaknesses to sort out ie Organisation, planning and confidence. All of which I was able to overcome to achive the end goal. To geve her an amazing evening and memory that we will never forget.


Anyway I have banged on enough and if you have got this far then I am impressed.


Happy new year all