Dis-Blog – the idea begins

Hi guys. I have had loads of stuff and coments on twitter which is amazing so thank you t those that follow!!! I have had an idea which I would like to see your opinion but I want to focus my blog on a wider variaty of disblitys and see if there are other people you there that have had issues like me with my over sized pair of purple glasses and being asked if I was drunk when online dating.

Its called Dis-Blog meaning disability blog. now that im writing it it seems quite obvious doesnt it. I dont think my common sense has kicked in tonight!!


I realy want to write bout other peoples issues that they have had with there disability so please please if there is any one with any kind of disability who wants to share there experiences the give me a shout on the twitter thing @samthedyslexic.


I think it will be something different and could be good. I don’t talk about my work much on here but blimmey have I got myself in some pickels over the years!!!! I wrote a document recently that said I was Pursuing a person for about ten minuets but I actuly wrote perusing a person for ten minuets. Spell check hates me!!! Im sure it just does it for a lath!


Anyway the goals are;

1)Write about the life of people suffering from disabilities

2)To see if they have any issues at work, school or university and if they can get a job?

3)To see how they coap

4)Highlight barriers created by sociaty


Short and sweet tonight but I would love to hear from you so please give me a shout!! Oh and if you have any ideas on how to get it going then again I am rubish at computer stuff and woud aprishate any ideas.


Sam the dyslexic

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