Bullying or just part of the dyslexia package…???

Hi guys, sorry its been a while since I have done a blog or a podcast with Mark. I have recently brought my first place and did not realise the extent of the work needed!!!! I have relised that I am great at the smashing down walls and the practical side but when it comes to the paperwork such as morgage documents, leasholds and bills I massivly crash,  burn and suck!!!

I thought it would be good to look at the darker side of dyslexia in respect of how it can have an effect on someone growing up and to look back at how I coaped.

From a young age, me having dyslexia always put me in the spotlight. Primery school wearing an eye patch and purple glasses, secondty school being put into a class called special needs and seperated from my class mates, and the challenges of working in an enviroment where not everyone undersstands why you have trubble completeing what they percive to be simple tasks. So it is fair to say that over the years I have recived more than my fair share of stick from people. Even in the dating world can cause issues with texting and trying to organise dates ect (I just had to rely on my George Clooney looks!!!)

But it is easy for a person to full into the catogory of being bullied as there are always people out there that will latch on to a diffrence that someone elce has and will exploit that to the pain of the intended victim. At school I was very shy and not one for confrentation. Over the years it got to me when people would realise that I was strugerling and the jokes started (not every one as I had a really good friend group who supported me). It was constant for years which led me to feel slightlly insecure about myself and im sure lowerd my confidence. I remember in year 9 there was this girl at school who I used to get the train with. She was one of those girls you used to say was the “hottest in the year” but unlike the sterio tyipical one that knows it and loves them selfs. She was genuinly realy nice and was really refreshing being friends with her. But like all of these types of stories the guy always likes the girl more than wanting to be just in the friend zone. So I plucked up the curage to tell her how I felt and the next day at school I planned to tell her. However like every true storie I found out that she was with one of the popular kids who was in my class. I was gutted and fell into the realms of thinking that this was going to be the norm. Being dyslexic can be really emotional espeshialy at a young age. However at the age of 15 I went to the local rowing club down in Folkestone. From there my confidence shoot up through the roof. I meet loads of new people who didnt care about dyslexia and have only just relised from reading my blog 15 years later that my dyslexia was an issue, won lots of races and met people who I had some good relationships with.

I dont actuly know if I was bullied at school about my dyslexia or weather what was being directed at me was abuse that I just got used to and over the years have just learnt to expect. Is that right…? Even in my work place I still get banta directed at me although to be fair I do set my self up for it. The other day I was writing a document in which I was saying that a pursued a person for 10 minuets how ever I actualy wrote that I was perused a person for 10 minuets!!!! But what I have found is that the dyslexia jokes can then lead on to other things being directed at you such as being called “Heed” by others as they belive my head is twice the size of theres or melon head! To be fair these are done in jest which are not taken to hart at all and to be fair there only doing it as there lives are that boring that they need to focus there attentions on me 🙂

I think through life even though I have had a lot of attention due to dyslexia I feel that life has gone easyer on me than others. Im sure there are people out there that have been or getting to a point that is uncontrolable. One thing I have learnt espeshialy from my work lot is that it is important to not shy away and almost join in with the banta or give it back. Some times challendging something can boost confidance or joining in with other peoples jokes throws them off which seems in my case to change the dysnamic in more of a positive way. Ever situation is diffrent and every persons story is difrent but from doing this blog (even if no one elce reads it) it has helped me reflect, vent and understand my thoughts and emotions.

I really hope if any one is reading this who is struggerling or knows someone that is struggling that they look for help or at least talk about there issues. That is one thing I never did at school was talk about how i was feeling which is why now I get let it all out.

Anyway please let me know you thoughts on twitter @samthedyslexic or if I can help give me a shot.


All the best