Dyslexic limitations…?

Febuary – dyslexic limitations…?


Hello again, some of you may know that I have now been doing a Podcast with my good friend and comidian Mark Simmons. This has been going really well and has been really fun in doing. Hopefully we have identified some good issues and topics souranding dyslexia in a light humerd way. If you have not seen it please check it out on my twitter @samthedyslexic.


Right I thought we could look at the idea of jobs that may provide limitations to dyslexic people or if there are even any jobs that dyslexic people cant do!?! Just putting it out there, I have two dream jobs; 1) to own my own little coffee bar / cafee by the seaside with good local fresh produce and live music. 2) I recently wrote of to the BBC to chuck my name in the hat for the new top gear presenter job. At the moment I have had no reply but im still hoping!

For me I struggle with organisation, paper work and procesing writen information. When I first started looking at jobs following university (which I really had to work hard at the get through), I relised that most jobs need the keys skills that I was pants at! How the hell was I going to find a job that did not incoperate thoses skills. No Joke, my school during careers advice day said I should just go join the army based on how I was doing at school at that time or how they percived that I was doing at that time. Now I have nothing against the army and think that it is a great career to follow and have the up most respect for what they do. But what anoyed me is that they only said that because praticly I was good at doing things but academicly I was strugling and genraly behind.

So can dyslexic people be writers, scientists or even world leaders?? or are we suited to just doing more practical jobs….???

Well did you relise that world fomous writer Agatha Christie was dyslexic! She was quoted to say “Writing and spelling were always terribly difficult for me. My letters were without originality. I was…an extraordinarily bad speller and have remained so.” So one of my key issues of writing and spelling which I am forever batterling against every day was also an issue suffered by her to!!!

Procesing information… now that has got to be a masive barrier to dyslexic people?  Winston Churchill was at the forefront of leading the Alies aginst the Nazi’s. He would have had been constantly making desions purley based on huge amouts of information on a daily basis. This information which he needed to process and interprite would lead his actions to making desisions that would effect the lives of many. Belive it or not but he was also dyslexic. A quote from him – “I was, on the whole, considerably discouraged by my school days. It was not pleasant to feel oneself so completely outclassed and left behind at the beginning of the race.”

Lastly Albert Einestine, one of the worlds most famouse scientists was also belived to be dyslexic. Could it be that all of the above people were able to be sucsessfull because dyslexia opened there mnd, enabled them to work harder to work out the problem or helped give a difrent perspective.

My conclusion is that dyslexia is not a barrier but it is a strength to draw from. I am glad I am dyslexic as I dont think I would have been able to achive in life so far if I did not have it. My view is that dyslexia does not have any limitations but provides a desire to achive and be sucsessfull.


Anyway thank you for reading